The Show

The Dope Art Show was founded in 2014 in Houston, Texas. It is a platform, which highlights undeniably talented individuals who share their passion for art to an audience who finds pure joy in the diverse craft of the artists. Hosted quarterly, the show brings together Houston’s dopest singers, poets, dancers, and visual artists alike to produce an unforgettable evening full of dope performances. The Dope Art Show proves that all people, regardless of their backgrounds, have the ability to connect and feel loved through the influence of dope ART-istic expression.

The Mission

Our mission is to celebrate and appreciate the power of art, love and purpose.

The Vision

Our vision is to create an environment where our audience joins us simply to experience an amazing night of artistic expression but leaves feeling the subtleties of love. They leave knowing that, without a doubt, there is no other place like The Dope Art Show.